Groovy Guide to Conquering Cravings

Do you struggle with food cravings?

Do you desire processed foods loaded with salt, oil, flour and sugar?

Do you find it hard to resist foods like pizza, pasta, baked goods, chips, crackers, ice cream, candy or chocolate?

Are your food cravings getting in the way of making sassy food choices, reaching your ideal weight, optimal health or looking like your sexy self in your swim suit?

If so, we’ve got a groovy guide for you!

Gain access to this captivating class as we tackle the tough topics underlying food addiction.

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For only $14.99 you’ll receive access to:

  • a 60-minute pre-recorded virtual session with Ronni and Elisa
  • a 5-minute follow up discussion, including Q & A
  • 2 handouts summarizing key points, solutions and a list of resources with active links

We’ll examine types of food addiction, strategies to conquer food cravings and we’ll share resources to support you moving forward.

We look forward to helping you benefit your body and satisfy your soul with this Groovy Guide to Conquering Your Cravings!

Elisa Rodriguez is a registered and licensed dietitian who has worked with many self proclaimed “food addicts.” She understands the deep-rooted struggles faced when dealing with food addiction, and has successfully empowered individuals with the knowledge that enables freedom from the bonds of addictive food. Read more about Elisa.

Ronni Arno Blaisdell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor who has battled food and weight challenges throughout her life, which has motivated her to seek real and sustainable solutions. She combines two key concepts into a simple summary that makes conquering food addiction understandable and feasible. Read more about Ronni.

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